TWS – What is TWS Technology – True Wireless Stereo

What is TWS Technology?

What does TWS Stand for?

What is TWS meaning?TWS – Abbreviation for :

True Wireless Stereo

What is True Wireless Stereo?

TWS Technology based on the development of chip technology and Blutooth 5.0. Wireless replace the line Could be Designed to wireless Earbuds!

How does TWS Work?

Technically speaking, it means that the mobile phone is connected to the main speaker, and then the main speaker is connected to the slave speaker through Bluetooth wirelessly, realize the true wireless separation of the left and right channels of Bluetooth. When the slave speaker is not connected, the main speaker returns to mono mode sound quality.

Compared with ordinary Bluetooth headsets, TWS True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth headsets have the following advantages:

1 True wireless structure, abandon line troubles, and move more freely.
2 Can be Used Several Modes, can be enjoyed alone, can be shared, or used as two machines.

A. Think about going out and taking out the earphones with line , only to find that the line are winded together, it takes a long time to solve them.

B. Long lines looks ugly, wearing wireless headphones cool.

As the TWS wireless Bluetooth headset market continues to be hot, headset charging cradles for storage and charging are indispensable. Wireless charging cradles that support wireless charging are even available on the market. Its built-in wireless charging receiving module can be charged on a wireless charger like a mobile phone device, realizing the “true wireless” function of wireless Bluetooth + wireless charging, and the user experience is better. It is considered the ultimate TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset.

The TWS Bluetooth headset do not require a wired connection. The two left and right headsets form a stereo system through Bluetooth, which improves listening, talking, and wearing. The true wireless Bluetooth headset completely abandons the wire connection method, and the host can work alone, and hands-free calls are fully controlled. True wireless can achieve single and double ear wearing.

Wireless! The TWS bluetooth headset does not require a wire connection, it is a simple two headset body. There will be no entanglement of the earphone cord; of course, some people worry that wireless earphones are easy to fall off. At present, it seems that wireless earphones still conform to human ear engineering when they are worn. The appearance of TWS headset benefits from the wireless characteristics, so it can achieve great convenience.

TWS earphones do not have wires connecting the left and right units, which makes their batteries and control circuits also have to be built in the earphone cavity, and the increase in the volume of the cavity brings more rich functions. In many TWS headsets, relatively “technical” functional features such as voice assistant, gesture control, active noise reduction, etc. are integrated.

The function of TWS headset benefits from the common support of chip, Bluetooth, and transmission technology. Compared with traditional Bluetooth headsets, it has been upgraded and optimized sound quality, noise reduction, call, transmission, and battery life. In addition to functions such as bilateral calls, master-slave switching, and tapping to perform operations, TWS headsets are unique in terms of lossless sound quality, ultra-low power consumption, wireless charging, and intelligent noise reduction, which fully explain The meaning of true wireless stereo.

  1. Abandon wired troubles, achieve true wireless structure, and freedom of movement;
  2. Several using methods, multiple functions, sound quality, noise reduction, and calls are greatly improved;
  3. Equipped with a portable box with both charging and storage functions. Put the dead earphones into the box to automatically charge, which is very convenient.

Since the left and right units of the TWS headset have no physical connection characteristics, the Bluetooth headset is not generally charged through the micro USB interface. In order to solve this problem, almost all TWS headsets are equipped with a portable box with both charging and storage functions, and some portable boxes also integrate a mobile power supply. When there is no electricity, just put the earphone in the charging case, it will automatically disconnect and start charging, which is very convenient and comfortable.

TWS with charging case

TWS earphones are small in size and limited in internal circuit scale. The high integration features not only increase the cost, but also bring certain difficulties to the test. There are few test modules in the small pitch field that can exert good connectivity and performance Power and stability are poor. In terms of actual noise reduction effect and speech recognition rate, TWS headsets of the same generation are definitely not as good as traditional Bluetooth headsets and wired headsets. TWS headset is small in size,

Is TWS a brand ?

  • NO, TWS is a new true wireless technology

TWS Youtube

  • People will learn from TWS more from youtube

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  • The TWS has no any official website yet.

Where to buy TWS Earbuds

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  • TWS Walmart
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  • TWS New Egg

TWS with noise cancelling

  • Most of TWS Earbuds,TWS headsets,TWS headphones and TWS earphones with noise cancelling technology.

TWS vs Bluetooth

TWS how to connect

  • TWS Technology based on Bluetooth 5.0 Technology connect

Are TWS earbuds waterproof

  • Most of earbuds designed waterproof function IPX7 Waterproof standard or IPX5

TWS for running

  • TWS earbuds designed wireless separate deice and design ergonomics,great for sport running

Is TWS safe?

Are tws earbuds safe?

  • Yes,new technology using bluetooth 5.0 technology ,bluetooth 5.0 is saft

Is TWS free?

Is TWS worth buying?

  • When you buy new develop product, it will come with TWS
  • For people who will experience new TWS, it worth to trying.

Who makes TWS

Are TWS earbuds good?

  • TWS is an new technology ,not people who design
  • TWS develop fast,it will more and more convenient to using.

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  • TWS connecting one device,then another device

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