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What is in the Box?

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds F16 1 Pair (Designed by TWS OFUSHO Bluetooth 5.0 Deep Bass 152h playtime IPX7 Waterproof Technology)
Multi-purpose Charging Case ( OFUSHO Earbuds Case)
USB Charging Cable
3 Sets of Silicone Ear tips (one set installed in the earbuds 3 pair)
Large ear caps | Medium ear caps | Small ear caps

OFUSHO Earbuds dut
User Manual.

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OFUSHO Earbuds F16 Manual:

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OFUSHO Earbuds Reset

How to reset the earbuds?

OFUSHO Earbuds Reset / OFUSHO Earbuds F16 Reset / How to reset wireless earbuds

How to Pair Ofusho Earbuds F16?

How to connect ofusho earbuds?

How do you connect two earbuds together?

Ofusho F16 won’t pair?

How to pair Ofusho wireless earbuds?

How do you use Ofusho earbuds?

How do I pair my Ofusho wireless earbuds?

Please take steps to reset the earbuds:

When you take the earbuds out of the Charging Case ofusho f16 earbuds pairing automatically with each other.The voice will prompt you “Connected”

Please open setting – bluetooth

1 turn on the bluetooth on your phone and delete the previous earbuds pairing history: all of two device F16 – L and F16 – R click :forgot the device
the turn the bluetooth off.

2 When the red light on earbuds always on,quickly tap the touch pad on each earbuds 3 times until the white indicator light flashes once.

3 how to pair ofusho earbuds Turn bluetooth again and click F16 – L to pair.

4 Waitting 2 – 3 seconds,you will see a pairing request,click on pairing.

If your OFUSHO earbuds pairing failed,please do reset steps again!

If your OFUSHO earbuds not working please ensure:

1 OFUSHO earbuds with enough battery power

2 Please do the reset steps again

How to pair focus wireless earbuds

Ofusho Pairing Youtube Video

More please click to youtube:


How do you pair wireless earbuds together?

Ofusho earbuds suitable for IOS Phones iPhone 11 Pro Max,Apple iPhone 11 pro,iPad Pro,Android Mobile devices Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S20 Plus, Galaxy Note 10+ Galaxy Tab,Oneplus 8 Pro,Google Pixel 4a XL,Xiao redmi,black shark,Huawei Honor,Oppo,vivo,motorola,Realme etc.

Product introduction
1 Touching control pad
2 LED Indicator of Earbuds
3 Charging points on Earbuds
4 Charging points on Case
5 Micro USB Charging port
6 LED Indicator of Charging Case
7 USB output port.

OFUSHO Earbuds How to Wear

Place the earbuds in your ears and rotate the buds till you find a comfortable position
For best performance please try all size of ear caps to find the best fit for your ears.

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Quick Guide

ofusho F16 manual
ofusho device part number and mode number is F16 customer always name ofusho earbuds F16
ofusho earbuds pairing for two device 16
The bluetooth name on cell phone is
F16 – L and F16 – R

Here is the ofusho F16 earbuds manual for ofusho earbuds not connecting and ofusho earbuds reset

Power on

The earbuds will automatically turn on once the have been taken out of the Charging case and a Voice say “Powered on” The LED will Flash White on Earbuds.

Power off

How do you turn off Ofusho earbuds?

1 Put the two earbuds into the Charging Case and they will turn off automatically.
2 Turn off the Bluetooth on your phone and the earbuds will turn off within 5 minutes

Mono Mode

Why is only one of my earbuds working?

Why won’t my wireless earbuds pair together?

Eithe right or left earbuds can perform as a mono wireless earbuds pick up either right or left earbuds from the charging case . It will automatically power on and enter into pairing mode.Turn on your bluetooth device search and select F16-L and F16-R to contect .

Note: to enter mono mode,one of the earbuds need to remain in the charging case.

OFUSHO Earbuds Controls / OFUSHO F16 controls

Play / Pause : Tap the Touch control pad Once

Previous Song: Double-Tap the touch pad on right earbuds

Next Song: Double-Tap the touch pad on right earbuds

OFUSHO wireless earbuds volume control

Turn volume up: Long press the right earbuds for 5 seconds

Turn volume down: long-press the left earbuds for 5 seconds

Answer / End a call : Touch control pad once

Reject a call : long press touch control pad for 2 seconds

Voice Activation: Quick tap 3 times

How to charge

1 Charging OFUSHO Earbuds

How do you charge Ofusho earbuds? / Ofusho earbuds charging

When the earbuds battery is low , the LED will illuminate in red and a voice will say “battery low”

Return the earbuds back to the charging Case,the case will charge the earbuds automatically.
The LED of the earbuds will be illuminate in red while charging .The LED of the earbuds will turn off once fully charged

OFUSHO Earbuds not charging?

OFUSHO Earbuds won’t charge?

OFUSHO earbud wont charge

Please check:

1 Please make sure the charging case has the power or charging

2 Please make sure the ofusho earbuds plug into the case well

2 Charging the Case

The charging case can be charged via Micro USB and it’s LED indicator will indicate the battery level status.
LED indicator of charging case while being charging battery percentage
Flash Once in 2 seconds 0-25%
Flash Twice in 2 seconds 25%-50%
Flash Three in 2 seconds 50%-75%
Flash Four in 2 seconds 75%-100%

3 Charging the Device

The OFUSHO Charging Case has a built-in 2200mah capacity battery that can charge your phone 1-2 times

Thank you for Choose Ofusho Earbuds.


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Ofusho Wireless Earbuds Other features:
Qualcomm chip,Deep Bass,CVC8.0 Apt-X, IPX7 Waterproof 8H playtime per charge + Extra 144H with case,Microphone,Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo Earbuds headphones,touch control,ofusho earbuds microphone
ofusho earbuds volume control

ofusho earbuds troubleshooting

ofusho earbuds f16 troubleshooting

How do you reset Bluetooth earbuds?

How do you pair wireless earbuds together?

How do you pair left and right earbuds?

Why won’t my wireless earbuds pair together?

Why do my earbuds only play in one ear?

How do you fix one side of Bluetooth earbuds not working?

ofusho pink light

Please do the ofusho earbuds reset step first ,it will resolve most problems!

If it still not work and your earbuds in warranty ,please contact amazon for refund or replace a new one!